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9 December 09
8 December 09

snow day?

thanks to pennstatelive, i am brought back to my childhood (or highschool) memories of sitting 6 inches in front of the tv, which was way too bright for dialated eyes, squinting, because i forgot to put on my glasses, to see if my school would scroll across the screen:

"The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for several counties across Pennsylvania from this evening (Dec. 8) through early Wednesday. The storm that currently is over the southern plains will move northeast, crossing the Great Lakes region to bring a wintry mix of precipitation to the region. According to the advisory, significant snow and ice accumulation are possible tonight through early Wednesday. Forecasts are calling for between 2 and 4 inches of snow to accumulate before the changeover, with the potential for a significant coating of ice accumulating on top of the snow before the precipitation changes to rain later Wednesday morning.

Penn State officials are tracking the storm and preparing crews to respond. No determination has been made at this time regarding the potential delay or cancellation of classes; that decision will be made very early Wednesday morning, based upon current conditions and the ability of work crews to clear snow and ice from campus roads, sidewalks and parking lots.”

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7 December 09

making up for yesterday

i missed posting yesterday because i had the NRHH banquet and then a migraine that sidelined me for much of the evening. standing up caused nauseating flashbacks to the magic kingdom teacups on my 14th birthday, less the laughter.

but, before i fell ill, there was a pretty cute picture snapped:

i was going to make today’s post about how much i love my friends, and christmas, and celebrating christmas with my friends… but this most recent ichat conversation tops it all:

kayla: hell yes he is


(lyss and i are also ichatting each other from separate rooms in the same apartment. you just wish you had best friends like mine.)

6 December 09

i wish…

christmascard09 (2 of 2)

wouldn’t it be great if we could bottle the christmas spirit to unleash in.. oh.. the dead of february? i think so =)

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5 December 09

st. nicholas day!

According to both my mother and encyclopedia britannica, tomorrow is St. Nicholas day! The latter describes today as follows:

"Little is known of the life of the historical Nicholas. He was the bishop of Myra (now Kale in southwestern Turkey) in the 4th century and developed a reputation for generosity. In 1087 Italians stole his remains from the church in Myra, by then under the control of Muslims, and took them to Bari for reburial, and during the Middle Ages he became extraordinarily popular. After the Reformation, St. Nicholas was largely forgotten in Protestant Europe, although his memory was kept alive in Holland as Sinterklaas. There St. Nicholas is said to arrive on horseback on his feast day, dressed in a bishop’s red robe and mitre and accompanied by Black Peter, variously described as a freed slave or a Moor, to help him distribute presents to good children or lumps of coal, potatoes, or switches to bad ones."

A few comments:
* I don’t know what a “switch” is, other than some sort of railroad prop.
* I don’t know why someone would steal remains.
* Perhaps Black Peter is the same as the black wise man we have in our manger set.. along with the twins (no, the backstory isn’t funny).

Happy St. Nicholas day!! Put something in your shoe tonight, take it out tomorrow, and celebrate!

4 December 09

good morning

while brushing my teeth this morning, i heard the famous folgers jingle coming from my tv. i have to agree, the best part of waking up IS coffee. while it isn’t folgers in my cup, i don’t appreciate coffee nearly as much during the rest of the day as i do in those first 30 minutes of being awake.

3 December 09

third day of christmas: tacos.

my sister isn’t the kind of person to buy into those “it’s either spend $4 on a microwave meal or eat mushed peanut butter and jelly” commercials. she doesn’t eat peanut butter and jelly, refuses to clean the microwave, hates mac and cheese, and will never touch a hotdog. you’d think lunch at work would be a disaster, or expensive.. but no.

me: what’s up?
val: eating lunch.
me: what’s on tap?
val: i had tacos.

yep. tacos. at her desk. i love my sister.

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trying something new

i need something new. i’ve decided to close down the old blog and start over (i believe in preservation, so I’ll never actually close it down). so much has changed since i started that, and i’m going in a new direction. it’s december of my senior year. i’m not sick, i’m not over-worked, i’m not in some sort of odd relationship… i’m just here. and happy. and alive. and ready to begin the rest of my life. 3 is my lucky number, so i figured the 3rd was as good a day as any.

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